Islam Ka Muashi Nizam Aur Tehreek-E Pakistan

Islam Ka Muashi Nizam Aur Tehreek-E Pakistan


    Islam Ka Muashi Nizam Aur Tehreek e Pakistan was written during Sheikh Muhammad Rasheed‘s imprisonment by General Ziaul Haq. Sheikh Muhammad Rashid’s original script was confiscated by the jail authorities. Keeping in mind the outline of 350 pages script lost as such the writer reproduced this book abridged version with authentic references from Quran and Sunnah he has proven that Islam and socialism are not only compatible but Islamic economic system is indeed socialist in its words, substance and spirit as is the democracy a part and as parcel of this divine faith. He has also opined that the Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal both believed in the same system for the upcoming state. He has referred to and given their quotations in this respect.


    • Print Length104 pages
    • PublisherJumhoori Publications
    • Publication Date2012
    • Sold ByOnline book
    • LanguageUrdu
    • ISBN9698455892


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