Khuda Ki Basti

Khuda Ki Basti


    A modern classic of Urdu literature by Shaukat Siddiqui, Khuda Ki Basti (God’s Own Land), takes place during the 1950s in the slums of Karachi and Lahore in a newly independent Pakistan.[1] The story revolves around a poor, respectable family which has fallen on hard times. Corruption and degradation take over their lives. Jobless, and without any real hope of a better life, they find themselves in the clutches of unprincipled evil people who exploit them. It’s the story of a young woman, Sultana, and her younger brother Annu. Their widowed mother is first pursued by a conniving man from the neighbourhood who apparently wants to marry her. But whose real intentions are to get access to her pretty young daughter, Sultana, for his sexual pleasure. After this man marries the mother, he arranges a medically facilitated murder of her. Then the vulnerable children are exploited in every way by the neighbourhood shady characters. The tragic, deeply moving finale is inevitable.


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