How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You: 85 Proven Techniques For Success

How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You: 85 Proven Techniques For Success


    How to make anyone fall in love with you 85 proven techniques for success is a book by the communication expert leil lowndes. A great self-help guide, this book gives out recipes to make someone like you and even fall in love with you. The relationship expert tells you about different proven techniques to meet someone who is perfect for you and also pursue a passionate relationship. Making it interesting, it guides you in making the best impression, dealing with the butterflies on first date or how to be in a relationship, and also to make it more interesting by awakening the primal needs of your partner. The book extensively deals with understanding the do s and don ts and have wonderful and long lasting relationships. An internationally acclaimed author, leil lowndes is globally known as a motivational speaker for her expertise as a communication and relationship expert. She is also the founder and director of the project, which is an organization for sexual research and counselling in new york. The author of the bestseller how to talk to anybody about anything, she gives lectures world wide about communication in relationships. With seven books and six audio programs to her credit, she shares her experience on tv and radio shows and her books are translated into 18 languages.


    • Print Length300 pages
    • PublisherThorsons Uk
    • Publication Date2014
    • Sold ByOnline book
    • LanguageEnglish
    • ISBN9780007445738


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