Mard e Aahan (Rusi Sadar Ki Sansani Khaiz Sawaneh)

Mard e Aahan (Rusi Sadar Ki Sansani Khaiz Sawaneh)


    “Manhohan” is a book based on interviews by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his dearest man who was published in Russian. Three Russian writers, Natalia Giovannių, Natalia Temacio, Andrei Klelynico, interviewed her narratives by interviewing Russian President Putin. Shy, fearless, wretched and nationalist Vladimir Putin, is known as a “manohann” in the world.

    The feature of this book is that Dr. Translator Sarkar Butt has translated into Russian directly from Urdu. This is a successful leader of life and struggle, whose church is now in the whole world.

    After the Soviet Union’s dissolution, the Russian Federation was also in grave danger. When Vladimir Putin assumed the interim president’s position, the country was almost financially bankrupt, but his leadership did not only make Russia stand on his feet but made it economical power.

    The ruined economy and terrorism were prominent in Russia’s internal crises, which Putin resolved to astonish. The story of Vladimir Putin, born in a poor family, is for millions of humans worldwide. His father was Lennon and Stalin’s kitchen, hence he was aware of many hidden aspects of politics. Putin, born in Russia, became now the most powerful person in the world, his narrative life is an example.


    • Print Length216 pages
    • PublisherJumhoori Publictions
    • Publication Date2017
    • Sold ByOnline book
    • LanguageUrdu
    • ISBN978-969-652-090-0


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