Nizam Saqqa

Nizam Saqqa


    Written in 1952 for Stage , published in 1953 as a book and later adapted as a drama on PTV speaks volumes about the success mufti’s magnum opus Nazam e Saqqa Enjoyed.
    “Nazam e Saqqa” follows the story of a Saqqa, a water carrier, whose fortunes turned overnight when he saved the king from drowning after a battle.
    The king returned the favor by granting him the rule over entire kingdom for one day. It is in this one day that Nizam exposes the society’s hypocrisy.
    Strong element of satire, comical and signature thought provoking writing of mufti makes Nizam e Sakka an adventure-filled ride.


    • Print Length184 pages
    • Publisheralfaisalpublisher
    • Publication Date
    • Sold ByOnline book
    • LanguageUrdu
    • ISBN


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