What To Say When You Talk To Your Self In Urdu

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self In Urdu


    Musbat Khud Kalami k Karishmey is the translation of original book What To Say When You Talk To Your Self written by Shad Helmstetter.

    Discover Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s wildly popular self-help book What to Say When You Talk to Your Self, now updated with new information for the twenty-first century, and learn how to reverse the effects of negative self-talk and embrace a more positive, optimistic outlook on life!

    From acclaimed psychologist Dr. Shad Helmstetter comes a life‑changing guide to helping you help yourself through motivational self‑talk and positive thinking.

    Imagine relying on yourself to optimize your outlook, focus your plans, and keep you on top, in touch, and going for it! You can do it, by adopting the simple techniques of self‑talk, and understanding the power of key phrases like these:

    I choose my thoughts. No thought, at any time, can dwell in my mind without my permission.
    I have talents, skills and abilities—and I’m discovering new talents all the time.
    I take time to listen and communicate. I’m patient and understanding. It’s worth working at, and I do.
    I focus my attention on the things I can control. If l can’t affect it or direct it—I accept it.
    I know that what I believe about myself is what l will become—so I believe in the best for myself.


    • Print Length544 pages
    • PublisherHarper Collins Usa
    • Publication DateJune 20, 2017
    • Sold ByOnline book
    • LanguageEnglish
    • ISBN9781609946753


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